The Labrador Museum

Am. Can. Ch. Acrewood's Due Me Justice CD CGC WC

Ch. Alpenglo's Jasmine O'Brooks CD JH WC
Gr. Pan. Br. Ch. Aquila's Comedy of Errors

Ch. Ashridge Admiral Wager C.D.
Ch. Bailiwick's Limited Edition
Dut. Ch. Balnova Sultan VDH Ch.

Ch. Balrion Living Legend
Ch. Bayside's Chandelle Winds CD SR JH

Ch. Bayside Full Artillery
Ch. Bayside's Mark West CD MH
Am. Can. Ch. Belgold Aftershock
Eng. Ch. Beltarn Diuma of Newinn
Int. Ch. Beulah Lands Amazin Grace

Eng. Sh. Ch. Boothgates Kountry Kurio
Ch. Borowick's Quest
Ch. Bouldinaire's Erinbrough Tule WC

Bouldinaire's Twinkle Toes CD, JH, WC, NAHRA SC
Ch. Brandywine's Westdale Duggan JH SH MH WC AWC
Am. Can. Ch. Brian's Black Magnum CD JH
Ch. Broyhill Hennings Casino

Bull Dozer Dax Piekos CD
Ch. Cameo's Great Expectations

Campbellcroft's Banks JH
Ch. Campbellcroft Brian's Snowman WC JH CD

Dut. Ch. Canette von Thornheim
Ch. Canvasback Chantilly WC
Ch. Cedarwood Blackrock Sea Breeze WC CGC

Dom. Ch. Cedarwood's Ernesto Domain
Ch. Cedarwood Gunner O'Fawnhaven CD, JH, SH, WC
Am. Can. Ch. Cedarwood Master Gunner WC

Am. Can. Ch. Cedarwood Preferred Stock
Am. Can. Ch. Cedarwood Squire O'Fawnhaven CD, JH, WC
Ch. Chafern Court Star of Fabracken

Ch. Chambray's Caleb of Triple S
Ch. Chelons Kotas Lone Ranger
Ch. Cirques Avante Talimar WC

Ch. Classique's Play It Again Amen WC
Ch. Coppertone Grandquest Penny

Col. Ecu. Ch. Coppertone Lovin' Lindavia
Ch. Country Place O'Hennings Mill

Ch. Danjacs Vinnie Vegas

BIS, Phil. Gr. Ch. Driftway Truffle
Can. Ch. Duke of Christy CGC, Am.Can. CD WC JH

Braz. Gr. Ch. Pan. & Intl. Ch. Elsmere Tamara
Dut. Ch. Fogel Hlara Guinevere
Dut. Ch. Fogel Hlara Gulliver VDH Ch.
Dut. Ch. Fogel Hlara Napata

Goldberrys Josie The Prancer JH

UCI Int. Ch. Goldberrys Mythical Wizard CGC
Ch. Goldberrys Nash

Good News Royal Daisy JH
Ch. Grandquest Danjac Elsa Baby
Ch. Grandquest Sweet Fantasia
Ch. Grandquest Tattle Tales

Ch.Guidelines Master Card
Ch. Hampshires Calypso

OTCH U-CDX Harmony Smooth N Sassy UD, TDX, JH
Braz. & Intl. Ch. Hennings Mill Brazilian Czar

Ch. Hennings Mill Caruso
Ch. Hennings Mill Gold Cargo
Ch. Hennings Mill Justus
Ch. Hennings Mill Hasty Pudding
Ch. Hennings Mill Czar Libra

Ch. Hennings Mill's Czar Star
Ch. Hennings Mill's Czar Trooper
Ch. Hennings Mill Master Blend

Am. Ch. Braz. Gr. Ch. Henning's Mill Ramblin Comic
Ch. Henning's Mill Hasten To Kai Den WC CGC TD
Ch. Hennings Mills Czarina

Ch. Hennings Mill Lubberline Jib
Ch. Hennings Mill Sommit Ruff Gem

Ch. Hennings Mill Stoneway Bliss
Ch. Hennings Millwill Coppertone
Ch. Hennings Mill Talimar Martin CGC
Ch. Hunt Club Hennings Mill Gino

Braz. Gr. Ch. Intagro Skipper Wolf's Hunter
Nz. Sh. Ch. Jarlshof Royal Flush
Can. Ch. Jezebel's Midnight Lace JH WC CGC

Ch. Kai Den's Black Tie Affair WC

Ch. Kai Den's Dark Wader WC
Ch. Kai Den's Duck Duck Goose

Ch. Kai Den Jet CD WC
Ch. Kai Den's Sight to Sea JH
Eng. Ch. Keysun Rhapsody of Newinn

Ch. Kresland's Excalibur
Can. Ch. Lakeview's Whispering Winds
Int/Slo/Cro Ch. Lawnwood's Legend
Ch. Lindall A' Bit of the Action
Ch. Lindenhalls Grandquest Rebel

Can. Ch. Lindenhall's McIlwain Protege
Am. Can. Ch. Linray's Over The Top
Ch. Lubberline Jackkstay
Ch. Lubberline Yachtsman
Ch. Lyndhurst Pampas

Fin. Sh. Ch. Mellows Cream Cracker
Fin. & Est. Sh. Ch. Mellows Killing Fantasy
Mistypoint Almanor Joe JH WC CGC

Can. Ch. Mistypoint Hold That Pose CGC WC CD Can CD
Can. Ch. Mistypoint Ice and Easy CGC
Can. Ch. Mistypoint Ice Breaker CD WC CGC Can. CD
Can. Ch. Mistypoint Imposing Lady JH WC CGC
Mistypoint Kodiak Spirit CD CGC TDI
Can. Ch. Mistypoint Miracle WC CGC

Can. Ch. Mistypoint Mirror Image WC CGC
Can. Ch. Mistypoint Showboat CGC
Ch. Mistypoint Snowman Chester CGC
SR Mistypoint Stonybeck Piper JH WC CGC
SR Mistypoint Sunshine Close-up JH WC CGC Can. WC

Mistypoint's Heiress Osa CD CGC TDI TT
SR Am/Intl/Mex Ch. Mistypoint Zachary of Troon JH CD WC CGC Can WC

Can. Ch. Mousse's Mississippi Mud CD WD CGC/TDI
Am. Can. Mex. Intl. Ch. SR Ms T's BoMar Been There Done That JH WC TT CGC
Int/Slo/Cro Ch. Nattens Flayth Olivland
Fin Sh. Ch. Nerocas Cuurankukka
Fin. Sh. Ch. Nerocas Fazerina

Eng. Ch. Newinn Clint Black
Eng. Ch. Newinn Dwight Yoakam

Eng. Ch. Newinn Greenfinch
Eng. Ch. Newinn Kestrel
Eng. Ch. Newinn Oasis
Eng. Ch. Newinn Tish Hinojosa
Int/Slo Ch. Odensy Nansy Olivland

SR Panico's Almanor Katie Jo CD WC GCG JH Can WC

Int/Slo Ch. Patric Olivland
Int/Slo Ch. Pattyson Olivland

Eng. Ch. Perfick Gent of Priorise
Can. Ch. Pine Edge Shiftin' Gears, JH, CD, WC, CWC
Ch. Pine Edge Wassookeag Olav
Ch. Riverlane's Olympic Pride

Ch. Riverroad Midnight Express
Ch. Rocheby Rippling Corn
Ch. Romany's Midsummer Moondance WC JH
Int/Slo Ch. Sandylands Bequest
Fin. Sh. & Trk. Ch. Santtomin Mama's Choice

Ch.Scartho Frost
Ch. Scrimshaw Duckless Fairbank JH, WC
Am. Can. Ch. ShaRay's Royal Sebastian CD JH WC CGC
Ch. Simerdown's Borador Regent
Ch. Simerdown's Cedarwood Sultan CGC

Ch. Snowden Hill's Mighty Moose
Ch. Sugar Hollow's James Bond UD,JH, CGC, TDI
Ch. Sugar Hollow's Lord Nelson
Gr. Pan. Br. Ch. Summer Side Power Blitz
OTCH U-CDX Summit Farm's American Express UD TDI

Phil. Gr. Ch., NZ Ch. Sunshadow Forget-Me-Not
SR Sunshine Picture Perfect CD WC CGC TDI NA

Am. Can. Ch. Surry's Dark Side of the Moon
Ch. Sylvanmeadows Blackrock Bravo WCI CGC WC

Ch. Tabatha's Gingerbred Cutter
Ch. Talimar's Billionaire Baron

Ch. Talimar's Calamity Jane
Ch. Talimar's Callisto
Ch. Talimar's Camden Crieff
Ch. Talimar's Kathryn of Metate
Ch. Talimar's Obsidian JH

Ch. Talimar Royal Jazz
Phil. Ch. Visions Lord of the Rings

Ch. Westdale's James Dylan JH

Am. Can. Ch. Winroc Upper Crust and Brie CD WC CGC Can. CD
Ch. Withara's Marines Journey CD JH
SKC/Int Ch. Woodgates Comic Knight

Can. Ch. U-CDX Woodhaven's Amber Silk CD, WC, CGC, TDI, Can. CDX, WC
Can. Ch. Woodhaven's Ebony Silk WC

Can. Ch. Woodhaven's Irish Mist WC, WCX, JH, CGC, Can. CD
Can. Ch. Woodhaven's Silk Charmer WC, CGC, Am/Can CD

Can. Ch. U-CD Woodhaven's Silk-N-Silver CD, WC, WCX, JH, CGC, Can. CD, WC

The Labrador Museum

THE LABRADOR MUSEUM is a collection of photos of Labrador champions and title-holders with 3-generation pedigrees, arranged alphabetically.
If you would like your Labrador included (this is a free service), just send us:

1. 1 photo (preferably color, this will be returned). We do not accept electronic files.
2. a 3-generation pedigree.
3. breeder and owner of record.
4. date of birth and death (if known).
5. indicate whether dog or bitch
The photo may be used for the publication of a book of Labrador champions or other such use as The Museum deems appropriate in addition to being electronically published on the World Wide Web. Sender hereby warrants that they have the rights to the photo being sent.

The Labrador Museum