The Schipperke Handbook

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by Mary Kathryn Murphy 5.5x8.5 softbound book, 83 pages, ISBN 0-86667-059-9, First Edition 1998, $25 + $5 s&h ($15 outside US).

This is a WONDERFUL reference, for both the novice and advanced Schip fan. Profusely illustrated, with many photos in full color. Wonderful old artwork. The Schipperke Handbook has a section on "Is this breed for you?" - an invaluable section for those just considering the breed. This wonderful breed isn't everyone's cup of tea - find out if it's suitable for you. Chapters include

History of the Barge Dog, The Schipperke Today, The Adoption Process, General Care, Schipperke, Wellness, Good Dog!, The Maternity Ward, Pupiatrics, Resources, Index

This is what Mary Deats, long time Schipperke breeder and judge, has to say about the book:
"No matter what you may know about the Schipperke, there is bound to be several nuggets of fascinating information about this highly intelligent and long-living breed. Make no mistake, the Schipperke is not the breed for everyone, but Mary Kathryn Murphy's love for the Schipperke shines through in every chapter.
This is not one of those "fill in and change the name/picture of the breed" type that seem to dominate every pet shop and supermarket, and published in the hopes of garnering sales from the unsuspecting pet owner.
The amount of research provided by experienced breed specialists and detail that is evident throughout the book will guarantee readers a good insight into the Schipperke. Whether you are a would-be hopeful owner of a Schipp (don't forget to look over all the aspects good and bad that are
listed in the book), a novice show/obedience exhibitor, a proud owner of a quality Schipperke considering breeding and wanting to know more about what to do, or the prospective breeder waiting for that first litter : all of you will find this book a reliable, believable and very readable source."

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