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The French Bulldog was bred originally in England as a toy version of the Bulldog. He was taken to France by lacemakers and was refined into the breed as it is today. He became a fashion accessory of the working class of Paris.
The Frenchie has a bright, alert expression. He is fun-loving, willing to please and enjoys family life. He is not a yappy dog but will bark to sound an alarm against intruders.
The French Bulldog has much less body bulk, exaggeration of wrinkles and bowing of legs than its English counterpart. The head is large and square. The skull is level between the eyes. The muzzle is short and broad. The breed's hallmark is the bat ears which are medium sized, wide at the base, rounded at the top, set high and carried upright and parallel. The drop off (stop) between the skull and muzzle is well defined, causing a groove between the eyes. The upper lip hangs well over the lower jaw. The lower jaw is deep, square, broad and upturned. The bite is undershot. The nose is short, wide and black. The neck is thick and well arched with some loose skin at the throat. The body is short and well rounded weight a deep, broad chest. The topline roaches slightly over the loin then tapers toward the tail. The legs are strong, muscular and straight. The hind legs are longer than the forelegs. The feet are moderate in size. Correct gait is a double track. The French is born with a bobtail that may be either straight or screwed. The coat is short and smooth. Coat color ranges from brindle to piebald to black. Fawns and creams are acceptable in North America and Britain but not in continental Europe. Average weight is between nineteen and twenty pounds. Average height is twelve inches.

Name withheld by request of the U.S. writes:

Great companion.
I have had the pleasure of sharing my life with three French Bulldogs. They are very affectionate and love everyone &shyp; even strangers and children. Frenchies are generally easy to housebreak. They respond very favorably to food when in the training phase. They love to greet you when you come home, play for short periods, and then are ready to settle down next to you or on your lap. Their main goal in life is to please you. They do not respond well to harsh reprimands and get their feelings hurt if you are not happy with them. They do not tolerate hot weather, nor can they swim. The only negative I have about the breed is that they can suffer from quite a few health problems: hip dysplasia, luxating patellas, respiratory problems, vertebrea problems, and cataracts &shyp; as they are considered dwarfs and have many problems associated with dwarfism. It is common to sometimes wait up to a year for a puppy; especially if you are looking for a particular color, sex, etc. Frenchies generally have small litters, usually one to three, and most always require a c-section. Therefore, they are expensive to breed; hence their purchase price is higher than most dogs. Even with all of that said, they are definitely worth every penny. I work a full-time job and the highlight of my day is to go home to my three Frenchies.

Name withheld by request of Switzerland writes:

Simply the best.
We have a six-month-old Frenchie girl, our first French Bulldog, and we just love her to bits. Before her we had a wonderful Boxer who died last April, and we decided to go for a smaller breed, but still a flat-faced breed, as we find them very loveable and so cute to look at. She is everything we could have hoped for in a dog &shyp; intelligent, fun-loving, clean, loveable, a real clown. I don't think I would ever want to be without a French Bulldog in the house after having discovered this truly remarkable breed. Our little dog is just perfect, and she brings a smile to everyone's face who sees her. She comes everywhere with us: restaurants, hotels, public transport and is very sociable indeed. If you are considering this breed, don't hesitate! of Harrisburg, PA writes:

Adorable, compassionate, animated clowns that live to please their owner!
A Frenchie is a wonderful, compassionate dog who is eager to please his or her owner. They are not an active dog that has great endurance for extremes in weather. This does not mean that they do not enjoy being outside or playing. It simply means that they are very sensitive to hot, and cold days. Frenchies love to play fetch, and toss and chew toys on their own. They can be extremely bright or a little slow. It depends on the Frenchie. They are extremely sensitive. They can be extremely jealous of other dogs and children if not around them often. This does not mean that they will hurt them, it just means that they have to adjust to the new situation. Overall, if you are looking for a true companion that will want to be by your side 24/7 and do nothing but love you for you, a Frenchie is the dog for your family. Frenchies are small, sturdy dogs with big hearts that entertain you from morning til night. Before buying make sure you do your research and contact a number of breeders before deciding which Frenchie is for you. of Greenwich, CT writes on 2/2/01:

Thoughtful and cute.
I have owned many dogs over the years, of several different breeds/mixs. I have also been a foster mother for GSD's in training for guide work. In particular, I have always appreciated the "presence" of my shepherds. Well bred GSD's are so tuned into people, that they can almost anticipate your needs/moods. So, as you can imagine, when I found myself becoming obsessed (no pun intended) with French Bulldogs, I really wondered what I was getting myself into. I really did my research and traveled far to find the right breeder. My little dog in now nearly 8 months old. I am consistantly amazed by his calm "presense", responsivness and focus, even as a baby. I bought him because I think Frenchies are about the cutest things I've ever seen, and ended up with a whole lot more!

Name withheld by request of Philadelphia, PA writes on 10/13/01:

The best companion you will ever have!
I adopted my Frenchie about 2 months ago and she is the best dog ever, especially if you live in the city. We live in a small home in center city of a large metropolitan city and a Frenchie is perfect because the don't need/want too much exercise, they are only 12 inches tall and 22 lbs. so they don't take up much room. She is pretty calm unless someone she doesn't know goes to walk in the house, then she lets out a bark. She is for the most part a cuddle bug but once/twice a day she gets a bit friskie and wants to play. She loves attention and I recommend that you only have one dog if you have a frenchie b/c they want to be the focus.
A Frenchie is not the dog for you if you like to play fetch, run with your dog or generally do a lot of activities with your dog. She is not an Irish Setter or a Lab. These dogs don't like to run or fetch and you can't take them for mile walks/runs. In addition b/c of their builds they sink like rocks; therefore,they abhor water. They are good with kids and other dogs if they are properly socialized. We adopted our frencie when she was six so i can't give any tips about frenchi puppies. This is a great dog for older folks and city people.

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