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English Toy Spaniels

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The English Toy Spaniel is also known as the King Charles Spaniel. It is not to be confused, however, with the Cavalier King Charles, which is a separate breed. Prior to the twentieth century, litters of spaniel puppies could contain various sized animals. Over time, a differentiation in the sizes led to a separation of spaniel breeds. The smaller version of the spaniel became the Toy and acquired its present name during the reign of King Charles II in the 17th century. Its ancestry may have come from Holland where the smaller spaniels were lap dogs. It was later crossed with the Japanese Chin and/or the Pekinese, which gives it a distinctive head shape.
The English Toy Spaniel is lovable and friendly. He is also agile and brave which makes him an ideal watchdog. He is an ideal house dog. It is quick to learn and has a quiet disposition. He does not need a great deal of exercise but he does require brushing often so his coat will not tangle.
The English Toy Spaniel has a refined, compact and cobby body. Its skull is rather large in comparison to its body size with a domed crown due to its Oriental ancestry. The eyes are large and set wide apart. The ears are long and low set. The muzzle is short and well defined with an upturned nose. The preferred bite is slightly undershot. The legs are short and straight and well feathered. The chest is wide and deep . The feet are compact. The back is short and level. The tail is docked and carried level with the back. Because the hair on the tail will be three to four inches in length, it gives the appearance of a square "flag" shape. The coat is long, straight and silky with feathering on the ears, legs and tail. Acceptable colors are black and tan (King Charles), tricolor (Prince Charles), red and white (Blenheim) and sold chestnut red (Ruby). The average height of the English Toy Spaniel is ten inches at the withers. The average weight is between nine and twelve pounds.

Name withheld by request of Seattle, WA writes:

Sweet, loving dog, good with children.
My English Toy Spaniel was the sweetest dog I have ever had. She loved everyone in the family and was very loyal. She was very gentle with children. I miss her terribly.

Name withheld by request of Canada write on 10/1/99:

Having bred/shown a number of other breeds, I have never
known a breed to be as loyal/dedicated to their person/people as
the English Toy Spaniel. They are the most comforting, cuddly, and intelligent
breed I have ever known. They are almost human in their

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