The Labrador Annual


The Labrador Annual




The Labrador Annual - '96, '97, '98, '99,
@ $50 + $8 s&h U.S. (+$15 Canada; +$22 Foreign)



Breeders' Forum Marilyn & David Nightingale, Tracy Clark, and Gladys Rogers
Judges' Spotlight Betty Sandberg and Margot Woolley
Rankings Conformation, agility, top breeders, top producers, and who puts up what
Special features In Memorian: Gwen Broadley by H. Price Jessup, What Do We Mean By Type? by Dr. Michael L. Parsons, Rescue: New Partnerships by Margie Douma, Warm Welcome for Guide Dog Puppies by Carrie Katin, Reflections by Amy Scher, Homemade Food for Preggies and Puppies by Carol Marino, The Way to a Dog's Heart by Carol Marino, Steelwood by Patricia T. Quinn, Labrador Friends by Laura Berger, Diversity Breeds Character by Amy Fristoe, Females Difficult to Impregnate by Diann Sullivan, Licorice by Marietta Huber, The Lab Wedding by Paula Roberts, GPRA in Labs by Dorothy F. Galvin, Raw Food by Jackie Mischou, Think about It by Margie Dourma, Whelping Box Taxes by Amy Fristoe, Cross Training, THE Potomac - Very Much Worth the Trip by Sandra M. Balfe, The Versatile Labrador: Jan Grannemann, Breeder Profile.





Breeders' Forum June Onda, Nancy Brandow, Virginia Campbell, Kathy Root
Judges' Spotlight Thomas H. Bradley III, Eileen Ketcham, Dr. Michael Parsons, Jim & Elise Noland, Anja Verbeek
My First Labrador Greg Foster, Anna Lord, Dr. Isabella Kraft
Rankings Conformation, obedience, top breeders, top producers, and who puts up what
Special features Veterinary Matters by Autumn P. Davidson DVM, Yellow Labrador Color by Jacqueline Barlow, DNA Certification by Lisa K. Powell DVM, Ready for Whatever Comes Along by Clarice Rutherford, You Must Have Been a Beautiful Baby, Labradors Strut Their Stuff by Jane Jackson, Doggerel by Susan Hamilton, A "Tail" of Labrador Therapists by Amy Fristoe, Finding Reputable Breeders by Katie Asling, Developing a Distinctive Line of Labradors by Dorothy Galvin, Seen Any Good Birdboys Lately? by Bill Spitzer, Dog Angels by Dianne B. Phelps, Campaigning for a UDX by Linda Witkowski, Vaccinations, Seizures, Allergies & Ear Infections by Carol Marino, Clicker Training Your Pup by Margie Douma.




Handlers' Forum Judy Heim
Breeders' Forum Gwen Broadley, Claire Senfield, Caol Heidl
Kennel Name Origins
Judges' Forum Sharon Parr, Mrs. R.V. Hepworth, Mrs. G. Satterthwaite, Barbara Gomez
My First Labrador Solly, Max, Manilla, Tanna, Mandy, Boris, Sabrina, and Shada
Kennel Design Susan & Bill Eberhardt, John & Dorothy Galvin, Kathy & Ralph Root, Sally Kelley
The Artist's Eye
Special Features A Rose by any other Name by Kathleen Siddall, Riser's Story: A Battle with Cancer by Linda Witkowski, Training the Hunting Retriever by Jacqueline Barlow, Don't Let Anyone Tell You... by Clarice Rutherford, Labradors in Slvenia by T. Rovan, Raising a Guide Dog Puppy by Joanne Ritter, Retriever Training the Happy Way by Jackie Mischou, Shameless Self-Promotion on the Web y Liza Lee Miller, Selecting and training a Labrador Puppy by Judy Heim, Whelping Problems in the Bitch by Autumn Davidson DVM, Whelp Watch by Karen Copley Snyder and Cheri Coley Yoches, My "Most" Whelping Experience by Dr. Isabella Kraft, Patti Meyer, Laura Michaels, and L.J. Schafer, Epilepsy: A Round-Up of Facts & Ideas by Carole Fry Owen, Before You Decide to Breed by Patti Meyer, OFA: Thirty Years of Progress, Canine Economics by P. Grosscup, Building It Right, Out of the Mouths of Babes by Jeannine Biddle, and For Captain, My First Labrador by Maureen Gamble.


Handlers' Forum Ellen Cottingham, Pluis Davern, Norman Grenier, Larry Nichols
Judges' Spotlight Winnie Limbourne, Constance Barton, Carl Liepmann, Jane Forsyth, Diana Beckett, Carol Coode
Kennel Design Ginger Harnish, Lorraine Taylor, Sue Newell
Breeders' Forum Chris Kofron, Martha Lee Voshell, Virginia Campbell, Diane Pilbin
Only the Facts Conformation, Obedience, Top Breeders and Top Producers statistics from 1995
Special Features A Salute to the Champion/Master Hunters, Labradors -- The "Better" Agility Dog by Marietta Huber, Photographing Labradors by Claire White-Peterson, Kennel Name Origins, Diseases You Can Catch From Your Pets by Nan Saye DVM, A Good Tail! by Mary A. Wiest, Frozen Semen by Daniel J. Martin DVM and Autumn Davidson DVM, PRCD Studies by Gustavo Aguirre VMD, Chocolates ... The "Other" Labrador by Bonnie Kellner, A Breeder's View by Fran Ippensen, Stud Dog Considerations by Diann Sullivan Koch, The Newfoundland Water Dog by Jacqueline Barlow, Labrador Retrievers with a Special Purpose, The Artist's Eye, A Look Back by Edward C. Ash and W.D. Drury