The AmStaff Terrier Annual


The American Staffordshire Terrier Annual



The American Staffordshire Terrier Annual
'88, '90, '91, '92, '93, '94, '95, '98, '99, '00, '01, '02, '03, '04, '06, '07, '08, '09, '10,'11
@ $50 + $8 s&h ($15 outside US)



Interviews Hendrix Harper, Denise Wedel
Greats from the Past Ch. White Rock Rowdy Angel
Special Features Am Stafs at the Garden, Coming Home by Pam and Sarah Carter, Breast Cancer: Our Dogs Are Victims Too by Kathryn Taylor DVM, Morgan Dennis, American Artist 1892-1960, Remote Collar Training: Friend or Foe? by Melanie Schlaginhaufen, Understanding Proper Foot Care by Kathy Coffman, Puppy's Education by R. Paco Zanoia, Living with a Cerebral Ataxia Pet by Betty Hargis, My Dog's Purpose by Monica Davi, Our Great Breed by Cindy Stroupe, Beginnings by Karen Thomason, Blue Rising Star, Part 2 by Sarah van der Spek, Words, Words, Words by Lori-Chapek-Carleton


The American Staffordshire Terrier Annual
'88, '90, '91, '92, '93, '94, '95, '98, '99, '00, '01, '02, '03, '04, '06, '07, '08, '09 '10
@ $50 + $8 s&h U.S. (+$15 Canada; +$22 Foreign)




Interviews Richard & Frances Gray, Sara Nugent
Greats from the Past Ch. White Rock Chaskras El Diego
Top Producers and Breeders
Westminster 2010
Special Features
Some Thoughts on Breed Specific Legislation by Richard Pascoe, Am Staf Judges by Holly Stump, Everyone's a Dog Trainer by Bill Bobrow, A Love Affair by Rhiannon Scriven, Epididymal Sperm Collectlion by RJhiannon Scriven, Comical Entertainers by Betty Michl, Our Journey into the AJm Staf World by Laurie & Dve Predergast, Blue Star Rising by Sarah van der Spek, That Special One by Betty Hargis, Where's the Beef? by Chris Morrison, Lucky by Brian & Lynne Frasche, Are There Bad Dogs? by Monique Bertrand, To Crop or Not To Crop by Wayne D. Brown, Sportsmanship and Friendship by Monica Davi.





Interviews Carla Restivo, Monica Davi
Greats from the Past Ch. Sierra's Doc Holliday
Special Features Emilio Torres and Brassy by Betty Michl, The Character in Modern Am Stafs by R. Paco Zanoia, A Bit of History by Betty Michl, Teaching Pups Bite Inhibition by Melanice Schlaginhaufen, The Great Misunderstanding by Lisha Rich, Peggy Harper's Outcrosses to the Ruffian Line by Wayne Brown, One of Those Kodak Moments by Betty Hargis, Show & Tell by Zeljko Vasiljevic, Dog Food - the Good, the Bad and the Ugly by Charlie Tolkien, Pick-Ups and Scratches by Richard Pascoe, Tips for Junior Showmanship by Julie Borst Reed, Canine Vaccine Protocol 2009 by W. Jean Dodds DVM.





Interviews Linda Castagna, Sarah Foster
Greats from the Past Am. Mex. Intl. Ch. Willynwood Redneck
Special Features A Breeder Looks at the Standard by H RICHARD Pascoe Something Our Club Did Right by Richard Gray, Breed Pointers by Lorene Wilson, Remembering Nancy Beers by Sarah Foster, The Dog Whisperer: Valuable or Not by Bill Bobrow, The Importance of Public Image by Montique Bertrand, Living with and Showing the Am Staf by Michelle Aguillard, Bite Me by Monica Davi, A Breed for the Ages by Wayne D. Brown, Questions & Answers with Paco Zanoia by Alessandra Motta, Size, Athleticism and Breed Type in the Am Staf by Kristin Tresidder, In Dogs We Trust, All Others Sign Contracts by Deidre Gannon, Esq., Training Schools and Instructors by Roberta Cutshall.





Interviews Pam Perdue, Maureen Hill-Hauch
Greats from the Past Ch. Dauntless Hyperion's Diamond
Special Features Working Tacoma Dogs by Wayne D. Brown, The American Staffordshire Terrier by Monique Bertrand, A Challenging Working Breed by Denise Wedel MD, Trip of a Lifetime by Betty (Reed0 Hargis, All-Americans by Paco Zanoia, Tommy by Marina Nedoshitko, Rights of Exhibitors and Judges by Dan Fleitads, Reflections on "Supersizing" Our Dogs by Dr. Richard Pascoe, Show Quality or Show Potential? by Lorene Wilson, A Pedigree Analysis by Eva Lydick.





Interviews Lynne & Lenny Clements, Sharon Stone
Greats from the Past Ch. Sindelar's Misty Mudd
Special Features The Odyssey ... by Richard & Frances Gray, Balancing a Breed by Monica Davi, Training the Bully Breeds by Heidi McClure, The Story of Lou-Lin Kennel by Wayne D. Brown, Assessing Hop Joint Conformation in Am Stafs by Heidi McClure, Dog Care by Betty Radzevich, Over the Top? by Amy Scher, Type in the American Staffordshire Terrier by R. Paco Zanoia, For MMy Darling Revlon by Peter Watkins, Breachycephalic Syndrome by Betty Michl, The All-Around, All-American Dog by Chris Morrison, Behind the Scenes by Carol Hjort.





Interviews Victor & Celia Casttaneda, Carol A. Collins
The Artist's Eye Karen Hirschkorn
Greats from the Past Ch. Rounder's Dotty, Ch. Intrepid Nefertiti of Ironheart
Special Features Further Adventures in Training an Am Staf by Denise J. Wedel, Breeding Systems by Betty Michl, Hounds on Rounds by Kirsten Salvito, Never Say Never II by Dorothy E. Barnes, Puppy Eyes by Betty Reed, Behind the Scenes at Westminster by Carol Hjort, Harper's Texas Lady by Wayne D. Brown, Learning My Lessons from Jake by R. Paco Zanoia, Spotlighting the Judge with James Reynolds by B.A. Miller, Owning Your Own Show Site by Dan Fleitas, Rolo by Pat Cook, Selecting Sires by Dr. Carmen L. Battaglia.





Interviews Ron & Karen Tucker, Chuck Murray
Special Features A Rescue Story by Heidi McClure, Weight Pulling Primer by Kim Willis, What's the Difference? by Chris Valentine Morrison, Your Dog's Unique Pawprints by Melanie Schlaginhaufen, Is Your Am Staf the Right Type? by Monica Davi, Semen Analysis in Stud Dog Management by Diann Sullivan, The Chair by Chris Valentine Morrison, Never Say Never! by Dorothy E. Barnes, Pet Massage by Amy Scher, The X-pert and California Lines by Wayne D. Brown, Showcase with R. paco Zanoia by Albert Tissen, Thyroid Disease on the Rise in Our Dogs by Jacqueline Linke, Vests for Police Canines by Karen Herrold, Calculating the Aging Proess by Dr. Carmen L. Battaglia, The Surprising Story of "Muddy" by R. Paco Zanoia, Behind the Scenes at Westminster by Carol Hjort.




Interviews Marilee Thompson, Gigi Sager
Rankings Obedience, Top Breeders, Top Producers
Greats from the Past Ch. Jacque's Just a Little Gator
Special Features Understanding Our Dogs by Melanie Schlaginhaufen, Behind the Scenes at a Benched Show by Heidi McClure, The Story of Barx - the Wonder Dog! by Denis J. Wedel, Selling Your Am Staf Puppies by Monica Davi, The Sertoma Line by W.D. Brown, Grand Old Breed by Linda Ruth, You Haven't Been Paying Attention! by Dorothy E. Barnes, The State of the Staf by W.D. Brown, Remembering Pamela Heidi by Leanna "Sam" Jagta, Hostory of the American Stafforshire Terrier by Wayne D. Brown, What to Do If Your Insurance Is Cancelled by Kate Bergquist.




Interviews Cherie Graves, Betty Michl
Rankings Conformation, Top Breeders, Top Producers, Who Puts Up What.
Special Features Breeding Practices: Are You Honest? by Dorothy E. Barnes, The World's Greatest Dog Show by Sandra M. Balfe, The Heart of the Matter by Pamela Perdue, Kid's Panda Bear and Other Working Stafs by Wayne D. Brown, Spinal Column by Wendell Sammer, Showing Your Veteran by Monica Davi, Blindness or Sight - Chose One by Carolyn Phelps, The Ruffian Line by Wayne D. Brown, Spotlighting the Judges with Ric Chashoudian and Nigel Aubrey-Jones by B.A. Miller, Advocacy and How to Reach Legislators by Kathy Hairston, Fido: Guilty Until Proven Innocent by Deidre E. Gannon, Heart Disease by Carol Dixon, Behind the Scenes at Westminster by Carol Hjort.





Interviews Ann & David Del Rio, Nancy Beers
Rankings Conformation, Top Breeders, Top Producers, Who Puts Up What.
Greats from the Past Ch. Covenant Stonecuter Elena, Ch. Knight Crusader, Ch. Willynwood Dancing Dolly
Special Features A Backward Compliment, Perhaps? by Dorothy E. Barnes, The Trip by Betty Reed, Are We Good Breeders? by I. Hines, The Vanishing Tacoma Line by Wayne D. Brown, Memories of Edward K. Beers by Peggy Doster, Animal Facts, The Thirteenth Rosebush by L. Ruth, Recovery from ACL Surgery by Heidi McClure, Am Staf Health Registry by Pamela Perdue, A Return to Tradition by M. Davi, The Temptation to Breed by Carolyn Phelps, Shortcuts by Betty Michl, Blossom's Story by Lora L. Bauer, Dental Disease in the Dog by Patricia Schenck DVM, A Word to the Wise by S. Weiss





Interviews Tom & Betty Reed, John & Dee Gunter
Rankings Conformation, agility, top breeders, top producers, obedience, who puts up what.
Greats from the Past Ch. Sindelar's Fred, Ch. Deofols Sun-Tzu, Ch. Benmars Montana of Roadhouse
Special Features Won't Touch a Good Thing by Bridget Taylor, Bred-by-Exhibitor Class by Lynne Clements, Responsible Ownership by Monica Davi, Random Thoughts from an Old Dog by Linda Ruth, The Intelligence of Dogs by Denise J. Weden, The Life of a Dog by Amy Morris, The Mating Game by Nola Westren, "Norton" by Ann Mathews, Warning! bytBetty Michl, To Heed or Not to Heed by Dorothy E. Barnes, Knowing Your Pedigree by Wil de Veer, What's Your Answer? by Carolyn Phelps, Spotlighting the Judge: Dave and Sandy Frei by B.A. Miller, Lemon Laws by Deidre E. Gannon, What Is a Breeder? by Pamela Perdue, Westminster 1999 by Sandra Balfe.





Interviews Imogene Hines, J. McCartney
Rankings Conformation, top breeders, top producers, top obedience dogs, who puts up what.
Greats from the Past Ch. Iron Buck's Painted Horse
Special Features Love at First Sight by Linda Cooper, That Irresistible Urge by M. Lawson, Trails of Hog Tails by C. Wickham, In Search of the Perfect Breed by Pamela Perdue, Ursula by Lorene Wilson, Am. Stafforshire Terriers Vs. Pitbull Terrier by Dorothy Barnes, Understanding Genetics by B. Michl, Selecting a Puppy by Wil de Veer, Singing the Blues by C. Phelps, More than a Color by L. Van Sickle, Why Stafs? by Hendrix Harper, Are You Really Improving the Breed? by Dorothy Barnes, Housebreaking and Crate Training by Wil de Veer, Companion Dog Training by Monica Davi.


Interviews Jean Stinson, Barbara Hambleton
Rankings Conformation, obedience, top breeders, and top producers.
Special Features Obedience? Good Lord, Not Me! by Dorothy E. Barnes, A Judge's View by Sherry Wallis, Naughty Julie by Linda R. Cooper, Get a Sighthound! by V. Valentine, How I Got Hooked on Am Staffs by Denise J. Wedel, Admiral Peabody by C. Valentine, One Red Chili Pepper by L. Cooper, Where Does the Time Go? by Beverly Anderson, Am Staff Magic by Dorothy Barnes, The Am Staff in the Netherlands by Wil De Veer, Personal Best by Sara Nugent, Deceptions of Kindness by Cherie Graves, Parvo by Dorothy E. Barnes, How to Predict Ovulation in the Bitch by Laurie Martin DVM, On the Road, An Interview with Anne Clark by B.A. (Bart) Miller, Pigeonholing by Cyndi Kraus, Communication by Cherie Starr, Am Staffs in Agility by Cindy Lottinville, Managing the Whelping by Jean Lazarus


Interviews Jim and Carolyn Brown
Greats from the Past Ch. Atchley's Fanny, Ch. Patton's Red Rock Skillet
Rankings Conformation, obedience, top breeders, and top producers.
Special Features Animal Blood Bank by J. Silver, The Dogs Are Gone -- Now What Do I Do? by Betty Reed, That Cookie Was Mine, Keep Fit with Your Dogs by Lisa Wysminity, An Interview with Derek Rayne by B.A. (Bart) Miller, Swimming Program by Janet Duvall, The Dog Expert by Virginia Devaney, How Do Your Sleeping Dogs Lie? by Mary I. Lawson, Am I a Responsible Breeder? by Betty Reed, Law or Administrative Codes? by Cherie Graves, Canine Behavior by Lori Drouin and Kathy Henderson, Rules Quiz by Sherry E. Wallis, Gettin' Small by Linda Cooper and Chris Valentine, Gone to the .. Cats! by Susan Hamilton, Dogo Argentino by M. Quiroga, Obedience by G.L. McDonald, What Dogs Do by Julia Priest, Behavior Problems by Dr. Carmen Battaglia, Handout by Cherie Starr, Socialization by N.E. Takash, Rescue by Tina T. Smith, Dogs & Diet, Protecting Your Dogs by L. Hulberts, The Legend by Veronica Valentine, Making Sense of Dog Shows by G.M. and H.L. Klein, The Novice Quiz by Lisa Braunstein-LaMere, Deadly Diarrhea by Connie Brunkow DVM, Ehrlichiosis by Pat Jones, Puppy Training by C. Rutherford, Contracts by Cherie Starr, Animal Protection by B.G. Brewer


Interviews Eva Lydick, Donald Humes
Greats from the Past Ch. Lylane Amber CD, Ch. Lylane Blue Tango, Ch. Lylane Bucky-T, Ch. Lylane Cheyenne Lancier, Ch. Lancers Scarlet Imp.
Rankings Conformation, obedience, top breeders, and top producers
Special Features The Christmas Party by Melanie A. Tierney, Responsible Dog Owners of the Western States by Cherie Graves, Color in the Am Staff by William F. Peterson, The Dog with the Most Toys Wins by Linda Cooper, Buck and the Bull by Lenna S. Hanna, Am Staffs of Yesteryear by Melanie A. Tiernie, Dorie Comes to Visit by Veronica Valentine, The UPS Truck Indicent by Melanie A. Tierney, Obedience - Which Method Is Best? by Lisa Wysminity, A Tribute to Bomber, the Star Rescue Am Staff by Linda Cooper, Learning to Share with Grandpa by Baby Bucky, Super Am Staffs by Cherie Graves, The Guardian by Lenna S. Hanna, The Dog Show Arena by Jim and Mailryn Hinman, Obedience Proofing by Melanie A. Tierney, Epilepsy Update by Don MacManus.



Interviews Charles Lloyd, Sandy Plancich
Greats from the Past Ch Sugarfoot of Lou-Lin
Rankings Conformation, obedience, top breeders, and top producers.
Special Features He Is, She Is, You Is, I Isn't , "Chainsaw" by Mary Pritzl, The Game of Politics by Lenna S. Hanna, An Outsider's Opinion by Sharon K. Roble, Socialization by Lisa Wysminity, The All-American by Lenna S. Hanna, "The Champion" by Lenna S. Hanna, The New Owner/Handler by Chris Valentine, The Visitors by Linda Cooper, Is Your Insurance Company Agent a Dog Biter? by Gregory Carlos, So What About Dysplasia? by M. Tierney, The New Puppy by Veronica Valentine, Humane Education by Cheryl Taver, Past National Specialty Winners by Wayne D. Brown


Interviews Jacqueline Fraser, Richard Gray
Rankings Conformation, obedience, top breedres, and top producers
Special Features What's In A Name by M.J. Akin, An Open Letter by W. M. Whitaker, Dog Training by Lisa Scherer, Hero Dog Saves Tot by E.E. Parker, Am Staff Rescuer by S. Drinkhouse, Hero Am Staf, A Rose By Any Name by D. Mickey, My Firt Dog by Mana Rie Paumen, Cheristed Moments by P.P. Brumond



Interviews Ruth Alexander, Dick Pascoe
Greats from the Past Ch. Fraja's Black Maria CD, Ch. Tryarr Diamondback Redbolt
Rankings Conformation, obedience, top breeders, and top producers.
Special Features The National Club by Carolyn Brown, Dedication by Janet Duvall, Your Boy So Blue by M.J. Akin, A Long Way by Sandra Plancich, Puppy Love by Betty L. Reed, Cherished Moments by P. Brumond, Down on the Farm by Betty Michl, The Future by Richard Foreman, Poet's Corner by S. Plancich and G. Kompare, Origins by Betty L. Reed, Children and Puppies by M. Paumen, Are You Part of the Problem? by Lynn Heimbuch, A Day in the Life by Linda Cooper, More Than Just a Show Dog by Jim and Marilyn Hinman, Prostatic Disease


Interviews Hendrix Harper, Gladys C. Smith (with Glen Gayton and Ron Gaither
Rankings Conformation, obedience, top breeders, and top producers.
Special Features Things to Think About, Jennifer & Very Special Friend, In Training by P.W. Rogers, Breed Recommendations by J. Ryan, AKC Versus UKC by Jerry Rooney, Grooming by Jacqueline Fraser, Shannook by Karen Pennington, Once Upon a Time by J. Weitzman, "Myth Conceptions" by J. O'Hanlon, The Dog Behind the Name by Jim Hinman, The Female Families by E. Lydick, Agility Workshop by Agnes Boas, The Am Staf by Jane Rebello, Therapy Dogs by A. Boas & S. Gregory, Imparting Knowledge by B. Michl, Why We Do It by J. O'Hanlon, Dateline ... Hollywood by S. Taylor, Socialization by M. Rea-Hinman, Owning Am Stafs by T. & L. Cooper